Scientific name (botanical name): Brassica oleracea var./group: italica Broccoli has been widely reported and studied and is of great interest nowadays because of its richness in bioactive compounds. The sprouts and germinating seeds of broccoli stands out because of their glucosinolate levels, mainly glucoraphanin (main natural source in diet is broccoli sprouts) that once inside our body is transformed to a potent chemopreventive and active defense compound, sulforaphane, known and related in many clinical studies and scientific evidences with the prevention of different types of cancers and also acting in different processes of these conditions, specially in lung, colon, stomach and breast cancers. The bioactive compounds in broccoli sprouts, not only glucosinolates, but also flavonoids, vitamins and minerals are also of great interest in the prevention of different non-communicable diseases (i.e., cardiovascular health).

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