PINEAPLE We can assure you that we can supply you with pineapples all-round the year. Our main objective is producing and exporting highly fresh quality pineapples around the globe. Normally, we supply pineapples by spreaders. One spreader contains 96 boxes of which one box weights around 5 – 6 kg net. Moreover one box can contain 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 pineapples. Fruit weight : 350 / 1000gms Number of fruit per carton (A) Baby pineapples are packed in carton of 4 / 4.5 kgs and we put 9 to 12 unit per carton (B) Big size means 6/7/8/9 units in one carton and weight 5/6 kgs per carton 1 pallet contains 104 carton and represent 450/550 kgs per pallet

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